The Career Service Network Germany e. V.

In 2003, university career services in Germany founded the Career Service Network Germany e.V. (csnd). The network, which today has almost 200 members, cooperates closely with the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) and HRK is represented on the csnd board by a permanent representative. Universities as institutional members and career service staff as individual members are committed to the establishment and expansion of career preparation programs at universities, career orientation and career preparation for students, and networking with potential employers of (future) graduates.

As umbrella organisation the csnd e. V.

  • develops and ensures standards for professionalisation of the Career Service work
  • offers task-specific training and qualification to its members
  • connects all those who are involved in the process of transition from higher education to work
  • cooperates with national and international partners (GIBeT e.V., dvb e.V., nfb e.V., NACE, AGCAS, FEDORA etc.)

We cordially invite you to join us in supporting the careers of students and graduates!

Our fields of work

Advanced training

The csnd offers an extensive training programme, which focuses on the main topics of the Career Service work.


The topic of Career Service is dynamic and requires a high level of expertise and qualifications.


The regular exchange of information is essential for the players in the Career Service field.

Best-Practice Projects at Universities